AquaMAX G200 Series KIT

Advice to Plumbers

AQUAMAX G200 Series Water Heaters

Manufactured between 1992 and 2001

This notice relates to AQUAMAX G200 Series gas storage water heaters that were manufactured between April 1992 and April 2001.

In some instances these heaters have been known to develop a water leak from the gas control valve allowing water to collect in the burner. This may in turn prevent the normal flow of gas to the burner ports, with the consequence that the product will fail to ignite.

For many years Aquamax has provided a field fix for this issue consisting of an "aeration shroud" to protect the burner from the leaking water. The purpose of this notice is to remind plumbers as to the availability of this kit.

Plumbers encountering any affected Aquamax G200 water heaters are advised that it is necessary to fit the shroud to ensure correct operation in every case.

The aeration shroud and fitting instructions can be obtained (free of charge) from:



ph: 1800 676 000