Electric Stainless Steel

Experience the superior performance of Stainless Steel in the new AquaMAX Stainless Steel Electric Water Heater range. Stainles Steel cylinders resist corrosion for longer than conventional vitreous enamel in good quality water conditions and do not require a sacrificial anode, resulting in a lighter product, easier to transport and install and reduced maintanance costs over the life of the water heater. 

 FeaturesStainless Steel water heaters
* 10 Year cylinder warranty1
* Energy Efficient - up to 27% better than MEPS2
* No Anode
* Up to 50% lighter3

* Important: Please note stainless steel is not suitable for certain water quality types i.e hard water, bore water. AquaMAX Stainless Steel water heaters are therfore not recommended to be installed in these areas. If installed, product will not be covered by warranty. Click here for more on Stainless Steel and warranty exclusion postcodes.

 1. Full warranty details available from AquaMAX. Call Toll Free 1800 676 000 or click here. 2. Refer to specification table for all models 3. 50% lighter than vitreous enamel models of the same capacity

  • Electric 315L Delivery
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • 10 Year Cylinder Warranty1
  • Energy Efficient
  • No Anode
  • Up to 50% lighter2

Hot water bathrooms 2+ Hot water people 4-6
  •  Electric 250L Delivery
  •  Stainless Steel Cylinder
  •  10 Year Cylinder Warranty1
  •  Energy Efficient
  •  No Anode
  •  Up to 50% lighter2

Hot water bathrooms 2+ Hot water people 3-5