History & Values

At AquaMAX, we value quality and innovation. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing highly efficient water heaters that deliver hot water when you need it with energy consumption levels that exceed industry standards. This allows us to provide hot water solutions for Australian families that are reliable and cost effective. For more information please contact us.

 • AquaMAX Pty Ltd was established in September of 1988 as a Melbourne based manufacturer of hot water heaters. A small team of dedicated engineers began design on the first 5 star, 10 year warranty heater and production began in 1992 with over 100, 000 units sold within its first 6 years.

 AquaMAX has since made an amazing commitment to offer Australians only 5 Star Energy Rated Gas water heaters and high efficiency Electric Storage water heaters, setting them up as a leader in design and energy efficiency within the hot water industry.

 •  In April of 2001 AquaMAX released a new range of Stainless Steel Gas units, also with 10 year warranty, and introduced Gas boosted solar water heaters the same year with Stainless Steel storage cylinders.

 •  In 2004 AquaMAX released a full range of Electric Vitreous Enamel storage models and by January 2009, this privately and locally owned business had sold half a million units.

 •  In August of 2009, AquaMAX was purchased by the market leader, Rheem Australia Pty Ltd. Since then, AquaMAX has been able to expand distribution nationally while growing and improving efficiency in our manufacturing plant in Moorabbin, VIC.

 •  AquaMAX released a new range of Electric Stainless Steel in 2013 offering the same advantages as our Gas range including superior energy efficiency, 10 year cylinder warranty, a unit that is up to 50% lighter with no need for sacrificial anodes.