About Us

AquaMAX is a major manufacturer of domestic water heaters for the Australian market.

Since the company's establishment in 1988, AquaMAX have committed to providing Australians with high efficiency Electric Storage and 5 star rated Gas products.The manufacturing plant, located in Moorabbin, Victoria, has produced over half a million water heaters and supports over 100 jobs. Click for more about our History and Values.

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Teamwork, innovation & expertise

AquaMAX’s success in a very competitive market is due to a strong foundation of teamwork, a commitment to innovation and a ‘design for manufacturing’ philosophy. The majority of machinery, equipment and components used to make our water heaters are designed in-house. The AquaMAX Research & Development team are always on the lookout for ways to improve the performance of our water heaters especially with today’s high cost of energy.

When introduced, the AquaMAX Vitreous Enamel range of Electric water heaters established a new standard in efficiency and now AquaMAX have set an even better benchmark in electric water heating with the introduction of its Stainless Steel range in May 2013. The new Electric Stainless Steel range is up to 27% more efficient than the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).All products are designed by AquaMAX to achieve performance efficiencies above Government minimum energy rating requirements.

AquaMAX are a proud winner of multiple awards over the years and remain the Stainless Steel Cylinder experts in the hot water industry.